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posted Jul 27, 2012, 11:25 PM by A Billion Books
Title: Contagion (Paperback)
Author: Robin Cook
After losing his opthamology practice to AmeriCare, a giant conglomerate, and then his Wife and two daughters to an airline tragedy, Or John Stapleton's life is reduced to ashes. He re-trains in Forensic Pathology and moves to the cold, indifferent, Concrete maze of New York. There Stapleton believes himself past caring-yet his suspicions are aroused as virulent and lethal illnesses begin to strike the young, the old and the innocent regardless. When the epicentres of such outbreaks are revealed.,to be hospitals and clinics controlled by the same profit-hungry giant that cannibalised his previous practice, Stapleton Senses that he has stumbled upon a conspiracy of catastrophic proportions.

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