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Digital and Analog Communication Systems

posted Apr 10, 2012, 3:31 AM by A Billion Books
Title: Digital and Analog Communication Systems (Paperback)
Author: Shanmugam
The book provides a detailed, unified treatment of theoretical and practical aspects of digital and analog communication systems, with emphasis on digital communication systems. It integrates theory-keeping theoretical details to a minimum-with over 60 practical, worked examples illustrating real-life methods. The text emphasizes deriving design equations that relate performance of functional blocks to design parameters. It illustrates how to trade off between power, band-width and equipment complexity while maintaining an acceptable quality of performance. Material is modularized so that appropriate portions can be selected to teach several different courses. The book also includes over 300 problems and an annotated bibliography in each chapter. · Systems and Signal Analysis · Random Signal Theory · Information and Channel Capacity · Baseband Data Transmission · Analog Signal Transmission · Noise in Analog Communication Systems · Digital Carrier Modulation Schemes · Error Control Coding · Digital Transmission of Analog Signals
Digital and Analog Communication Systems

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