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Electronic Instrumentation

posted Sep 16, 2012, 5:38 AM by A Billion Books
Title: Electronic Instrumentation (Paperback)
Author: U.A.Bakshi A.V.Bakshi
Introduction (a) Measurement Errors : Gross errors and systematic errors, Absolute and relative errors, Accuracy, Precision, Resolution and significant figures. (b)Voltmeters and Multimeters : Introduction, Multirange voltmeter, Extending voltmeter ranges, Loading, A.C. voltmeter using rectifiers - Half wave and full wave, Peak responding and true RMS voltmeters. Digital Instruments Digital voltmeters - Introduction, DVM's based on V - T, V - F and successive approximation principles, Resolution and sensitivity, General specifications, Digital multi-meters, Digital frequency meters, Digital measurement of time. Oscilloscoes Introduction, Basic principles, CRT features, Block diagram and working of each block, Typical CRT connections, Dual beam and dual trace CRO's, Electronic switch. Special Oscilloscopes Delayed time-base oscilloscopes, Analog storage, Samping and digital storage socilloscopes. Signal Generators Introduction, Fixed and variable AF oscillator, Standard signal generator, Laboratory type signal generator, AF sine and square wave generator, Function generator, Square and pulse generator, Sweep frequency generator, Frequency synthesizer. Measurement of resistance, Inductance and capacitance Whetstone's bridge, Kelvin bridge; A.C. bridges, Capacitance comparison bridge, Maxwell's bridge, Wein's bridge, Wagner's earth connection. Transducers - I Introduction, Electrical transducers, Selecting a transducer, Resistive transducer, Resistive position transducer, Strain gauges, Resistance thermometer, Thermistor, Inductive transducer, Differential output transducers and LVDT. Miscellaneous Topics (a) Transducers - II : Piezoelectric transducer, Photoelectric transducer, Photovoltaic transducer, Semiconductor photo devices, Temperature transducers - RTD, Thermocouple. (b) Display devices : Digital display system, Classification of display, Display devices, LEDs, LCD displays. (c) Bolometer and RF power measurement using bolometer. (d) Introduction to signal conditioning. (e) Introduction to lab view.
Electronic Instrumentation

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