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English Communication for Polytechnics

posted Jul 27, 2012, 11:19 PM by A Billion Books
Title: English Communication for Polytechnics (Paperback)
Author: Chandrasekhar, S. Bramaramba, C.V. Inamdar, Rajyashree
The relevance of English today is unquestionable. In the present-day industrial world, its importance to students of polytechnics is growing every day. This book focuses on the requirements of contemporary students, addressing as it does, the twin objectives of improving communication skills and ensuring employability. To these ends, a systematic approach has been adopted---one that will better students' comprehension and communication skills as well as their ability to write grammatically correct English, and all of this, without burdening them with the technical aspects of grammar. The members of the committee responsible for the creation of this book have drawn on their vast experience of decades in teaching English to students of polytechnics across Karnataka.
English Communication for Polytechnics

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