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Feynman lectures on Physics(Vol.1)

posted Aug 9, 2012, 5:39 AM by A Billion Books
Title: Feynman lectures on Physics(Vol.1) (Paperback)
Author: Feyman Richard P
This revised edition of Feynman-s legendary lectures includes extensive corrections Feynman and his colleagues received and Caltech approved, making this the definitive edition of The Feynman Lectures on Physics . Atoms in MotionBasic Physics. The Relation of Physics to Other Sciences.Conservation of Energy. Time and Distance. Probability. The Theory of Gravitation. Motion. Newton-s Laws of Dynamics. Conservation of Momentum. Vectors. Characteristics of Force. Work and Potential Energy (A). Work and Potential Energy (conclusion) The Special Theory of Relativity. Relativistic Energy and Momentum. Space-Time.Rotation in two Dimensions. Center of Mass: Moment of Inertia. Rotation in Space. The Harmonic Oscillator. Algebra. Resonance. Transients. Linear Systems and Review. Optics: The Principle of Least Time. Geometrical Optics. Electromagnetic Radiation. Interference. Diffraction. The Origin of the Refractive Index. Radiation Damping: Light Scattering. Polarization. Relativistic Effects in Radiation. Color Vision. Mechanisms on Seeing. Quantum Behavior. The Relation of Wave and Particle Viewpoints. The Kinetic Theory of Gases. The Principles of Statistical Mechanics. The Brownian Movement. Application of Kinetic Theory. Diffusion. The Laws of Thermodynamics. Illustrations of Thermodynamics. Ratchet and Pawl. Sound: The Wave Equation.Beats. Modes.Harmonics.Waves. Symmetry in Physical Laws
Feynman lectures on Physics(Vol.1)

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