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Metro Reads: No Deadline For Love

posted Jun 6, 2012, 6:08 PM by A Billion Books
Title: Metro Reads: No Deadline For Love (paperback)
Author: Vaidya, Manasi
‘So have you always been this hot-headed?’ asked Yudi, continuing to smile. ‘Well, I could ask you the same thing,’ I retorted cheekily. ‘Touche!’ Yudi grinned. ‘I don’t deny the charge. But at least I make an effort to apologize—at least to some people.’ All her life Megha has diligently done what was expected of her: the graduation in economics, the MBA in marketing and now the straitlaced job in a high-profile FMCG company. But lately, she’s been wondering if this unending routine of juggling late hours and unreasonable deadlines is really her life’s calling.
Metro Reads: No Deadline For Love

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