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The Celestial Necklace (711)

posted Jun 18, 2012, 11:11 AM by A Billion Books
Title: The Celestial Necklace (711) (Paperback)
King Shrenika was given a necklace of precious stones by a deva for his good deeds. The deva also told him that if the necklace broke the person who repaired it would die. It happened as the king feared. The necklace broke and Queen Chellana, who was wearing it, insisted that it be repaired. Would anyone string the stones, even for a big reward, and risk death? And if there was such a man, would the king honour his promise and give the reward to his heirs? This jain story is based on a retelling of tales from the Agamas (jain texts) by Muni Mahendrakumar.
The Celestial Necklace (711)

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